***Beyond Resolutions to Courageous Vision

A new year: 2012. Some will set goals or resolutions. But I want to encourage you to do something more courageous: Dare to have vision for your life, family, faith, career, community and nation. If we don’t live with vision, then we live aimless lives. The writer of Proverbs says it well:
“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18
I like to put a positive spin on it:
Where zombie tsunami hacks there is a vision, the people flourish!
It is time for us to flourish and prosper again as a nation and as a people.
Vision is not born in a vacuum. It is a process:
Starts with a heart in prayer
Evaluates resources under one’s care
And studies from there
Then networks and shares
Vision is owned by those who care
Then it is broadcast from there
Let’s explore this further
Vision starts with a heart in prayer
Statistics tell us that 95% of Americans believe in God and prayer. If you want to know your purpose and vision for life, then spend time in prayer. It is here that we hear.
Vision evaluates resources under one’s care.
Once we gain a vision we want to take stock of our resources. For instance, if you have a vision for starting a new business as an entrepreneur, then you will want to look at your resources of time, skill set, funds, intellectual capital and a host of available resources.
And studies from there
Is this a great idea? Is anyone else doing it? If not, why not? Who do I need to help me make the vision a reality? Why is this important enough fire emblem heroes hack ios for people to respond to it? Where will I make the vision a reality? What is the timeline?
By answering these gangstar vegas cheats tool questions you will put meat on the bones of the vision.
Then networks and shares
Who can I talk to about the vision after I have done my homework? Who might want to help me make the vision a reality? What will people who I respect say to me about the vision? What can I learn from their responses?
Vision is owned by those who care
By the time you get to this stage, you know that the vision is on its’ way to becoming a reality! You have a team committed to working together and the vision is a guiding principle that gives people the courage to make it happen. And, once you are at this stage, you are ready to tell others on a broad scale what your vision is all about and how it will make a positive difference in the lives of people.
Then it is broadcast from there
Once you have the vision and a plan to work the vision to reality, then you are ready to go public with it for all to hear! This can be so exciting and scary at the same time. Some will agree with your vision. Others may not. Some may celebrate your courage. Others will envy you and try to defeat you.
But why not thrive on far horizons? Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “No person who thinks in terms of catching mice will ever catch lions.”
I want to invite you to sit down and reflect on these questions:
What do I hear when I communicate in prayer?
What is my vision for life?
Am I a mouse catcher or a lion tamer?
Go for the lions! Expect greater things and prosper in 2012. God bless you and God bless America.