Would non-capitalist Native Americans cut down every giant redwood or trade products with their neighbors that killed people?

But according to science this coming mass extinction is real. Not surprisingly, native Americans had a lot of the same problems every other society in the world had. We, of course, do not know anything all the species that they drove extinct that they didn’t notice either.

And now you are having objections with what my other sources say.The following source says ” Although extinction is a natural phenomenon, it occurs at a natural “background” rate of about one to five species per year. Originally Posted by chad You said Native Americans probably made 1,000’s of species of animals go extinct, could you please provide sources for your statement. Dictatorships rarely work out well.

You aren’t making a causal argument, you are simply reflecting a correlation that more than anything else reflects a difference in the standards of living. But so far you have not proved that Native Americans made (1) species of animal go extinct. No because they had respectfor nature, and one was saying “trade this product with your neighbor that will kill them, and then you will get a mansion and a brand new Lamborghini.” Instead they were saying “leave and give us your hunting grounds or we will kill you and take them.” In your newest post #22 you make the accusation that Native Americans made 1,000’s of species of animals go extinct.